Hot Gun (1986)

Hot Gun (1986)

Genre: Uncensored
Quality: View: 346 views


The High together with Might Horny! Even the sky isn’t the restrain when Lt. Jackie McKenzie (Candi Evens) together with Lt. Doug ‘Zapper’ Curtis (Steve Drake) foursquare off at the prestigious First Team Fighter School. Their aerial stunts oestrus upwards the heavens, exactly on the ground, everything Zapper does rubs Jackie the incorrect way?like when he gets caught watching her rub herself the correct way, or devouring a slice of Candy (her sexy stripper roommate). After enough of olfactory organ dives, Jackie lastly realizes what a hot gun Zapper actually is, together with they come upwards inwards for a impact downwards that’ll exit sideslip marks on your landing strip!

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